About Me

Each new day is an adventure, with its unique discoveries in our minds.

My adventure started 28 years ago, in Riomaggiore, Italy.

Its discoveries are scattered all over the world: in books I’ve read, in music I’ve listened to, in cities I’ve seen, in the news I’ve spread, and the people I’ve encountered. What matters most is that one second that lets you discover the bliss of novelty. However, that is not of utmost importance. It is how we share those discoveries with others, and then how we look for more, that matters most.

This is how I attain the most significant of all: my freedom.

I would state with confidence that I found my freedom after I moved to the United States. It is since then that I consider any spot where I can exercise my freedom as my homeland. To choose, to feel, and to express - that is my definition of freedom.

I came to Georgia a little while ago. This place, too, is a significant discovery. And I know for a fact that new discoveries and experiences await me here.

I want to share with you all that I’ve seen so far, and all that I’ve experienced. This is the only way I can continue to re-discover the world around me.

My name is Giovanni Morra. Pleasure to meet you, my new friend!