Giovanni Morra draws inspiration from Italian elegance, quality, and regard for textile.

7 years ago, when gifting options for men of all ages in Georgia were virtually obsolete, we pioneered the tradition of crafting bold, vibrant, and eclectic bowties, and, shortly after, made it our mission to bring antique Georgian ornaments and patterns to life. Today, we proudly design each of our unisex collections for customers of all ages. With partnerships both in Georgia and beyond, we produce organic silk and recycled eco-friendly fabrics, designed by our team with unique patterns and novel interpretation of antique Georgian ornaments.

My multi-purpose and multi-use bags from recycled fabrics have been an inseparable part of our customer’s everyday life, championing earth-conscious habits and rapid elimination of single-use plastic.

Since early days of conception, I’ve had the honor of servicing both local and international organizations, authoring unique gifts for their staff and partners with unique brand-inspired patterns and packaging.

A firm believer that gift-giving is a form of art, I’ve always cared about the look and feel of our packaging. This brand new packaging concept was developed at the end of 2023, in partnership with one of my favorite Swedish designers — Cecilia Pettersson — making each of items that much more special and memorable.

My pop-up shop is a melting pot for both exuberant youngsters and elegant adults with a considerably more conservative style. Over the years, Giovanni Morra has emerged as the top supporter of freedom of expression and bold statements that are an imperative part of modern life — in Georgia and beyond. That is precisely why each of our products is so much more than an appealing high-quality accessory or article of clothing, cherished by the many foreign visitors flooding Galleria Tbilisi and the thousands of Georgian immigrants residing abroad.

To be able to share and support new-age values and global trends has been and will always be the ultimate purpose of Giovanni Morra. After all, isn’t each journey taken, novel read, and a historical insight uncovered meant to expand both individual and collective frames of mind?

Join me.

With Love,

Giovanni Morra